Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ULTA-Mate Brow Kit + Gift @ ULTA

I recently purchased the Ulta-mate Brow Kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills, this is my review of this wonderful kit. OK, so I am a huge fan of the Brow Wiz pencil by Anastasia. I was looking for a brow pencil perfect for sparse or thin brows without the heaviness of a Kohl pencil. I have had ups and down with my eyebrows.Thanks to my boo thang Montrese I've learned that "Brows are Sisters, NOT twins" Lord know there are some MAJOR VIOLATIONS out there Lol. This pencil allows you to concentrate on filling the brows instead of "drawing" them in. The lightweight pencil allows for a nice well-groomed brow. I recently ran out of my pencil! Freaking out i headed to my local ULTA to re-up. The pencil costs $22 bucks but is totally worth every penny. I saw the set and for $29 dollars (orig. $64) you get the Brow Wiz (Medium Ash for me), mini tweezers, Brow highlighting dual pencil, and Brow Setting Gel. PLUS a free gift!! YAY. It contains a pinkish-nude lip gloss and another brow setting gel!! I gave the extra to mom ;). But the collection is awesome, I included pictures of the brows and lips. Also a tutorial from Anastasia herself! 

Enjoy! Stay Classy Ladies!!!
xoxo Chas



Brow Kit Tutorial!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Off Topic...

Today I had an epiphany,  I realized that I have so many things going on in the "work" side of my life that  I don't make time for the personal part of my life. I have so many goals to complete, that I just dont feel as though my personal life SHOULD be a priority. I need balance. I want to be great and I understand that takes hard work, I'm willing to do the work...I'm ready. But on the flipside of that I want to be in a relationship, maybe...guys tend to complicate my life. I dont need any extra distractions.

So, in summary, I have a new resolution: Learn to balance business and pleasure so that I will be a happier more, well balanced person. That's it.

To get back on topic, I booked a wedding! I'm uber excited and I can't wait to share all of the photos with you guys!

Until next time... Stay Beautiful

More Makeup Looks!

I decided that would post some of my most recent makeup looks! Most of them are on me & others are on my classmates, co workers, etc.

Hope you guys enjoy! :-)

The top picture I saw on twitter and felt like I must attempt to re create this look!!

Hope you enjoyed & if you have any questions feel free to comment below!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What The E.L.F.!!!

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E.L.F Cosmetic Review


     This is my review on the Complete Coverage Concealer, HD Under eye Setting Powder, & Mineral Infused Face Primer. Montrese recommended these products so i decided to give them a try. I am not a makeup connoisseur by any means so when it comes to products i usually use the basics, given that i do have oily skin that is extremely sensitive i am very careful with what i do use. The Mineral Infused Face Primer is very light and smooth upon application, i hardly noticed any heaviness. I noticed the longevity of my makeup throughout the day. Finding a year round concealer is hard for me seeing how i have lighter skin. I like the Complete Coverage Concealer because it has a variety of colors to blend in any season. I can use the lighter color to define my brow and the darker to contour my nose area. It is also great to cover the slight imperfections i may have. After applying my concealer i used the HD Under eye Setting Powder. It helped to keep my makeup from creasing and hides dark circles. I give these products an overall 10 of 10, when i completed application of my whole ensemble i was pleased with the results and the fact that i didn't feel as if i had cake on my face! I know if i told you i wouldn't believe that i spent $12 in total! AAAHHHHH (evil-laugh) See for yourself, you wont be disappointed. I've included pictures for you to check out also. Let me know what you think guys!!

Excuse My Wrapped Hair ;) But this is the Finished Look!!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Prom Makeup

Hey All! These are just a few of the pictures of 2 of the young ladies' makeup I did for Prom. Hope you guys enjoy!

Just eyes and Brows, Natural lashes from Red Cherry 747XS

Eyes & Brows again

Full face, natural, dramatic lip Rebel Lipstick from MAC
Full Body
Hair done by Chasity!!!

 this pic was taken with a camera phone so the quality is kinda crappy lol

Full Face, Natural with a pop of color on lower lash line

Sorry I didn't get any close ups of the last girl. There were some time issues going on lol.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Soaptopia Purple Haze Review!

Purple Haze  Handmade with Lavender &Patchouli
      My wonderful best friend (Montrese lol) bought me this wonderful soap via SOAPTOPIA ;). Given that she is truly the queen of skincare i was super excited when she told me it was made with lavender oil, I am in love with anything lavender! Before unwrapping, the soap was extremely aromatic. The soothing smell of lavender and the distinct smell of patchouli was very pleasing to the senses. I cut the bar into three pieces and I've had it for about a month and just now using the third section. It lathers very well and doesn't leave any icky build up on my skin. I have very sensitive skin and i didn't ave any problems with the soap and for a low price of $6.95 I can say I will definitely be purchasing more!! I hope that you guys check out the site and find heaven in a bar of soap like i did ;)

Purple Haze 

I've included a link to the site Check out their awesome ALL Natural products!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Haulin!!

Yesterday I hit Target...not too hard, just wanted to pick up a few things and I wanted to share them with you guys!
Sorry that some of the pictures are blurry, I actually took the pictures in my dark bedroom 
:-/ lol 
But Anyway!!! Here's what I got:

All from Target

Yes to Cucumbers Face Cleansing Towelettes $5.99

L'Oreal Smoldering Eye Pencil $7.99

DUO Eyelash Adhesive (Dark Tone) $5.49

ELF Kabuki Brush $6.00

ELF Gold Glitter Liner (couldn't find the single liner online) in $1.00

Ok guys that's all I have for now, but I'll definitely be back with reviews of all these products asap!! 

Happy Haulin!